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The music of Master Of Sounds consists of mainly Indian oldies, Western Classical & New Age Music superimposed upon western chord changes, rhythms and harmonies.

Tech Rider - travel (7Y tickets) + Stay (1 Single & 3 Twin-bed rooms in a 3-4 star Hotel)

Master Of Sounds consists of musicians who are a blend of experience and youth. They are comprised of the classic formation of Bass, Drums, Guitar and Vocals along with Dhol/Duff/Tabla, percussions and Flute.

The band has a high energy sound which can be related to genres such as funk-rock, blues, alternative, and jazz, all stylized with Indian Classical ragas and Rhythms. Some of their influences include Indian Folk Music, Jamiroquai, Level 42 etc..

We Do shows only in India, Contact Us for further details

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