Professional singers and the amateurs who are looking for their choice of song to be converted into a Minus One Track (popularly called as Karaoke) are at the right shop. We program each track with care and special attention is given to the beats, chords and the pieces played within. Since the tracks are made again therefore the tonality is a bit different as compared to the Original Sound Track at a very detailed level.

After the music track is made, each and every minus one goes through quality check and finer tweaks are applied. It is after all this process that it reaches the mixing deck and finally mastering takes place. All this happens in such a short time and then we hand it over to you.

Note: We discourage mp3 format (mp3 format squeezes the correct standard and thus destroys the original fidelity forever). Please ask us to provide you with .wav (IBM PC format) or .aiff (Apple Mac. format) and we will happily do so. If you are technically sound then we can send it to you through FLAC (simply decompress it and use the original standard format).

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